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xehatter replied to your post “i get back from a concert and beyoncé has a new album out”

It was the best the best birthday gift ever.

Ah, happy belated birthday, Toni! Sorry I didn’t see this yesterday. 

I can take a road trip and come visit you and Stacker in Lady Danger.

YESS Toni come here to me and bring a Jaeger for little Stacker to go explore.

xehatter replied to your post: so one person i follow ha…

Abort, abort.

xehatter replied to your post:“Sometimes I get really sad that Nicki Minaj is a republican and thinks…”
If you’re talking about that those lyrics from the Lil’ Wayne song, she didn’t actually mean it. She said it was here playing one of her characters/personalities.


xehatter replied to your post: charlie hunnam why i mean…

What happened?

He’s going to be playing Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey” the movie.

That’s what kills me. I care about the characters (mostly because of the actors) but I just can’t stand that show anymore. But man, Blainofsky and Samcedes can still put a big smile on my face.

Same. And I feel this way about some of my other OTPs still too. Sigh. 

xehatter replied to your post “i remember when if first started shipping blainofsky i had gone into…”

ohmygodilovedblainofsky. Dave was my baby teddy bear.


amberushgron replied to your post:“[[MOR]God I wish I had a support system being sad is 50x worse when…”

xehatter replied to your post:“[[MOR]God I wish I had a support system being sad is 50x worse when…”
-hugs- I wish I lived near you. I would totally just come get you so you could get away. I know what it’s like to need that.

thecrowtalkslife replied to your post:“[[MOR]God I wish I had a support system being sad is 50x worse when…”
:c *e-hug if you want*

Ahh, thank you all so much. <3

xehatter said: All those celebrities you named I couldn’t care less about too. I was into some for a while and now they’re just over rated for me.

yeah I would say basically all of them are overrated; some of them wouldn’t even be on my radar if people didn’t talk about them so much

and some of them I *cough Marina and the Diamonds cough* mildly liked before I found out about the shitty things they did

You just don’t. Welcome to Night Vale.
I listen to it to go to sleep and just relisten to what I miss in the morning |D. He just has the most relaxing voice.

creys Toni, how do I stay awake tho

Not gonna lie, I really hoped something was going to happen with them. I’m not a big Ron/Hermione shipper. I accept that it’s canon but I would have liked her ended up with Viktor.

Same, to be honest.

thepizessamcedian replied to your post: I will never not be angry tha…

Right? And they just threw it away like they also did Samcedes. Why are my OTP’s always broken up?

I don’t want to talk about how many relationships with potential that show has crushed.

xehatter replied to your post: I will never not be angry tha…

I was highly upset about that. One of the few times the GLee writers did something really good and let the fans steam roll them into changing it.

Seriously though. Like it was obvious that the writers actually did like them because they were around for so long, and they just let the fans make them get rid of them. 

xehatter replied to your post: what did Steven Yeun do? I ha…

I don’t know what he did but he’s going to be voicing the first Avatar on the new season of Korra.

Ahh, I’m really excited that they cast an Asian voice actor. I will probably still love him depending on what he did, but I hate not knowing, ugh.

I understand what you mean. I feel overwhelmed sometimes. It’s why I don’t talk bout it much. I stress myself out way too much over things sometimes to the point I get sick.

Yeah, I really understand that. It’s often a lot easier to push things to the side to stop them from taking over how you’re feeling completely.