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sartielifts replied to your post: #”where is the love” for the next scot…

well scott SHOULD get solos

this is not incorrect

theoutlawtamikaflynn replied to your post: “free market environmentalism benevolent capitalism”:
yo wtf is a ‘free market environmentalism’ ?!?!?!? also benevolent capitalism???? none of these words go together??? wha???

i mean i think it’s people who are so in love with capitalism they cant see past it even when they understand that destroying the world and being evil is wrong

idk Nia idk idk how people’s minds work

chorrd replied to your post: “how much glee do I have to catch up on if I stopped watching after S3?”:
nothing just start back in 5x14 which is honestly the best glee episode ever

mottsapplesaucepayment replied to your post: “how much glee do I have to catch up on if I stopped watching after S3?”:
seriously just skip season 4. Just skip it. Start at the beginning of season 5. Maybe even in the middle of season 5….maybe the 100th episode. That seems like a good place to start, because then you only have four episodes to watch to be caught up.

cariosity replied to your post: “how much glee do I have to catch up on if I stopped watching after S3?”:
Eh, I’d say watch the last four episodes. And you’ll be good. S4 never happened.

Thank you for the good, solid advice, darlings!

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amberushgron replied to your post: “amberushgron replied to your post:I don’t go on tumblr often lately,…”:



they didnt have to spend the whole episode explaining it.

I know, and I really didn’t care about tragic!medic Reese or how he was kind of less of a douche than those other douches… I mean I guess it was necessary to explain why Toshiko liked him, but her pain could have manifested as the nogitsune in a friend or anyone else really. And I don’t get why Toshiko hates werewolves if the one helped her exorcise the nogitsune, but maybe because of the lost control and riot? Anyway, I was all excited for Scira scenes and maybe a kiss and no just a whole backstory ep that was a little less annoying than Gerard Argent’s story time.



crissonastick replied to your post: I’ve been putting off watching the “Da…

it’s kinda weird because Finn is so convinced he’s davey, but it only last a moment? Or you can just watch the beginning because Bmo has a cute moment in it. But then again Bmo is always cute… (ALSO HI, I MISSED YOU, I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE FOREVER AND I WANT TO DESTROY…

HI HI, I made a small update post because basically after having a conversation with my therapist, we decided that the good having this community and access does for me outweighs the negatives of yeah stuff. I might still make a more private blog though. 

Also I just got to the part where Finn was shaving off his hair, and he asks BMO how he looks and BMO says “like the devil and eee.

secretspy0404 replied to your post “It makes me really sad to see some brilliant and great range of fanart…”

I totally agree. I personally didn’t enjoy the movie a lot because of this ://

They gave Idina Menzel a song with the emotional/vocal range of “Defying Gravity” without bothering to contort Elsa’s face to convey emotion. You can’t give someone a song meant for a witch, a snow queen and try to keep her face pretty and perfect. It’s just really sad to see and also sad to see other elements like how they were heavily influenced by Saami culture but failed to make any characters clearly Saami. Meh.

xehatter replied to your post “i get back from a concert and beyoncé has a new album out”

It was the best the best birthday gift ever.

Ah, happy belated birthday, Toni! Sorry I didn’t see this yesterday. 

secretspy0404 replied to your post “I watched the first episode of Adventure Time, and it was really great…”

I love adventure time so much

That episode was so cute and like a lot better than some other snippets I’d seen. Ahh, zombie candy slumber party. :)

crissonastick replied to your post:

aww you look like a cute winky cat! =^.-=


which ship is this?

Rumbelle from Once Upon a Time. I wish I could just turn off all my feelings for them. I don’t even watch the new season. Basically, Rumple is a huge jerk who is not fit to be in any relationship and a lot of their interactions (post their falling in love) have been really unhealthy, but then I see fanart, and I’m just “Aww. Aww, awww, no, nooo.”

I can take a road trip and come visit you and Stacker in Lady Danger.

YESS Toni come here to me and bring a Jaeger for little Stacker to go explore.

thatllbe63fiftynotincludingtip replied to your post: thatllbe63fiftynotinclud…

Why is he supposed to apologize for referring to Manning as “he” back when, as far as most people knew, Manning WAS a “he”? Is this all a giant list you’ve copied and pasted from yourfavesareproblematic tumblr?

Because misgendering someone is still something that is bad especially if the interview comes out after she’d come out. A simple “I am sorry that the in the interview recently published, I used the incorrect pronouns” is not a big strain on his life. And is there something wrong with going back through my tags and finding where I first heard of various instances of what he’d done? I could stretch it out over a couple of days and compile from various and diverse sources if yourfaveisproblematic somehow discredits the content of what was linked??

thatllbe63fiftynotincludingtip replied to your post: desire to watch BBC Sherl…

How is Benedict scummy? You understand that the interview with him “misgendering” Chelsea Manning was held before she came out?

That’s not conclusively true actually. The interview was stated to be taking place /as/ sentencing was happening so it could have been before or after, and the publisher of the article didn’t date it, so people who think he did are not necessarily wrong. Either way, he didn’t apologize for it, and yeah, he still should even if his statements accidentally misgendered her after the fact due to the publisher. But actually I am referring to how he is a rape apologist and sympathizes with Julian Assange and believes he’s just been blasted by the media. (In that same inverview)

Also, he called Martin Freeman an “asexual sociopath” as some sort of cutesy thing.


And he’s compared Autistic children to Frankenstein’s monster.


And he’s said in the past that Sherlock isn’t gay because he’s “very male” or something like that and eugh.