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chorrd replied to your post: “Naya Rivera got married???????”:
he apparently cheated and they broke up three months ago and she started dating this guy not too long ago and apparently she got married on the same date her and sean were supposed to get married

okay but she’s marrying this person within three months of the break up wow

I think the new movie just came out.


yes! this would help me catch up. i think i heard that there were videos? i’ll let you know if i come across it

ah, thank you and likewise!

yay! [gives you a ‘Didn’t Click Saviored Post’ patch] (I wish that patch was a real thing tbqh)

[accepts the patch and sews onto a really cool achievement jacket] thanks!

ehagshdgd!!! this is so precious!!

I’m so glad you like it!!! :)

can't think of any interesting NOTPs to send so i'm doing obscure a:tla OTPs for you to rate instead... katara/ty lee, sokka/azula, aang/zuko, aang/katara/zuko (idk if those last two count as obscure because i showed up in this fandom a billion years late with starbucks)

oop it’s all right

katara/ty lee

I haven’t really thought that much about this ship, so

my NOTP too I don’t ship it | it’s okay|I ship it hard OTP


I HAVE thought about this, but I mostly just think it’s fun

my NOTP too I don’t ship it | it’s okay|I ship it hard | OTP


my NOTP too I don’t ship it | it’s okay| I ship it hard |OTP


my NOTP too I don’t ship it | it’s okay| I ship it hard | OTP

agh, i see. that last paragraph is making me want terry crews to play him :D

YES i support


i don’t actually know who martian manhunter is but i think cumberbatch has participated in more than enough whitewashing for one lifetime :/

he is one of the main protags in the Justice League animated series & his entire planet’s sentient population was destroyed

in other comics he has similarly tragic backstories, but he’s not always the sole survivor, but he’s best known for Justice League

in that show, he is, as far as he knows, the last survivor of a complex civilization called mars & is forced to change his natural body (martians have shapeshifting abilities) so as not to freak people out, even when he’s not in a ~human form~ & the metaphors for forced assimilation, immigration, etc. just are very there

he also likes to pet cats and dislikes his friends fighting and he tries to appear rational and calm even when he has no idea wtf is going on

i always realise afresh how good my tumblr following list is when i see a cumberbatch joke post and remember how long it’s been since i saw a serious post in praise of him

i am glad for ur wonderful dash, alice

this is no joke

i saw a fancast, which included other great fancasts, but still j’onn j’onzz does not deserve this!


but you’re missing the background usagi in those shots though. those are the best

ah, she was in shock (and awe *cough*) and like “Makoto ARE YOU REALLY DOING THIS NOW?” but unfortunately I could only fit 10 photos in the set. 

if i stopped talking to people because of these things i’d have to unfollow every american i know

i can reblog that post and you can ask me about door knobs if you want

blairbending replied to your post “ask meme for Alice”

ahhhh thankyou! this makes me happy bc i really do do my best and love people genuinely so i want to do good by them

You’re welcome! I’m glad to tell you that it’s evident. :P

blairbending replied to your post “ask meme for Alice”

also wow, it seems so long ago that i had my original aliceactually URL @___@

Yeah, it does. It’s strange to think how time passes, especially wrt tumblr.

sailorsola replied to your post “ah, sailorsola, have you checked your tag?”

Oh sorry. I haven’t checked in a while. I saw your reply. You are a good writer.

Ah, thank you! I just wanted to make sure you saw it because it was your ask lol. :)

theoutlawtamikaflynn replied to your post “theoutlawtamikaflynn replied to your post: “is villanova or syracuse…”

aww, you’re welcome. and eeek, im so happy for you getting offered a grant to florence! [pinches your face in excitement and pride]

aww, thank you! *squishes*

theoutlawtamikaflynn replied to your post: “is villanova or syracuse university a better school i have no time to…”:
im inclined to think Syracuse, due to it’s social science programs being ranked in the top 100 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, it’s study abroad programs and it’s yearly tradition of inviting notable and influential speakers.

Ah, I very much appreciate you saying this because all of those things matter to me and Syracuse is offering me a grant to study abroad in Florence for a semester which really excites me.