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Mercedes Jones in “City of Angels” | source

Mercedes Jones in “City of Angels” | source

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Favorite Glee Character Meme ≈ [5/5] Quotes

Mercedes Jones+ purple

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Because when Mercedes said the middle gif she was talking in terms of talent. And the fact that there are countless sets, one even surpassing 10k notes, of Rachel crying about things that have nothing to do with her talent and people whining about how Mercedes is a bitch for saying this gets on my nerves. But this will most likely not even get 100 notes. Because fandom, although they’d be loathe to admit it, is even more bias than Will Schuester. Stay transparent fandom.

Favorite Glee Character Meme ≈ [3/3] Solos: All I Want For Christmas Is You

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Favorite Glee Character Meme ≈ [2/2] Episodes : The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Favorite Glee Character Meme ≈ [1/2] Episodes : Home
Hey guys, I’m Mercedes Jones. So most of you know, Cheerios is about perfection and winning, looking hot and being popular. Well I think that it should be about something different. How many of you at this school feel fat? How many of you feel like maybe you’re not worth very much? Or you’re ugly? Or you have too many pimples and not enough friends? Well I felt all those things about myself at one time or another. Hell, I felt most of those things about myself today and that just ain’t right. And we’ve got something to say about it. And if you like what we have to say, come down here and sing it with us.  

positive lady characters meme - Glee + Women of Color

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Mercedes Jones+ Costumes

Getting Married Today (Acapella) - Glee Cast

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Three average teenage girls suddenly discover that their voices can summon incredible powers. One creates fire, another ice, the third thunder and lightning. Three different types of destruction. Three different ways to save the world from the unimaginable evil that threatens it.

Together they are the Stormbringers, defenders of justice, protectors of the innocent and oppressed, sirens and songbirds, warrior queens. But also, at the end of the day, they are each other’s best friend, greatest ally, truest love, falling asleep hand in hand in hand, giving each other the strength to wake and fight once more.

femmeslash february ~ slapface requested quinn, mercedes and tina as magical girls (who sometimes kiss each other lbr)

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