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Apparently RIB+ think Kurt not getting into NYADA was about Rachel who, was his BEST FRIEND (why that’s so hilarious is for a separate post).

What is so rage-inducing about this, even for people who are trying their best to detach from the god-awful writing this show is spewing out, is that everything is always about Rachel, and here it’s no different.

Remember when the writers had said they weren’t interested in Kurt being this character for whom everything goes wrong? They wanted him to be popular and successful and show as an idealistic situation and provide some positive outlook for the audience.

The writers proceeded to forget this in season two, and ultimately they even took away Kurt’s failure from being about him. Look, Kurt in S3 was almost as bad as Rachel in how he just expected everything to fall at his feet; at least when Rachel loses her dreams, it’s all about her.

As much as the writers tried to transform him into the male Rachel Berry, they could never succeed in that. There is only ever one Rachel Berry on this show, and she sucks the soul, life, happiness, and attention away from everyone around her.

They use excuses about how much her “friends” care for her to divert attention from their unfair and blinded writing, but they also do this while implying that Rachel is the best, and her friends don’t matter. What kind of friend doesn’t care about her “friends”? 

There are times where I’ve loved Rachel, but I can’t like this; not when the writers find her the most interesting, important character at every single turning point, even when it is so blatantly not about her. 

Think it’s appropriate to bring this back in lieu of the new title for the premier episode of S4

Think it’s appropriate to bring this back in lieu of the new title for the premier episode of S4

‘Can’t you just feel the love?!’ Well no, not really - Fuck you Glee.

❝That wasn’t fun.❞
-on Glee's episode tonight

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Looks like RIB are well aware of how much we detested what Jesse said to Mercedes about how her work ethic because it was blatantly untrue and are using that to further drive his character into as unlikable of territory as possible. Though how they can do that with Schuester, and they still expect people to like him, I don’t know. Combined with the heavily implied transphobia they’re showing in Jesse, it doesn’t seem like Jesse’s back for any particular reason other than for the writers to trash his character (even more than they tried to do last season) and shut his fans/fans of St. Berry up/make them disappear by trying to make him unlikable as they can.

This is hilarious





University of Louisville welcomes Santana Lopez from Glee.

Aw, you guys!


You know, I thought that the reason they would pick Louisville was because they did offer cheerleading scholarships.  Because who would pick the middle of fucking nowhere? Why is glee such a fuck up?  With this and the Finn master’s program bullshit, I can’t deal.  

Well this was just precious

They don’t even have cheer scholarships? What the hell?

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Anonymous asked:
I think Ryan hate us...fuck that!!! He hates Glee, This season is a headache to me.

Ryan hates St. Berry. The problem with RM’s writing is it seems like he’s stopped seeing the show honestly. He doesn’t treat the characters as alive and changing if he’s had a pre-conceived notion of where they should be. He sees that it’s in-character for Finn and Rachel to fight, so they fight, but he doesn’t see that they should break up. They can’t grow from their sorry excuse for a relationship because he doesn’t see the need for them to grow. He believes that they are so super-likable and popular that they can constantly relearn the same lessons and regress, and people will still love them, no matter what. He believes that he can slap us with better relationships for both Finn and Rachel, and we’ll still come crawling back to Finchel as true love. He’s stopped looking at the reality of what’s going on in the show in favor of his endgame.

On Will’s “tenure” and in light of his newly revealed lack of proficiency:

He deserves to be fired. He does. I’m not sorry. If he can’t speak Spanish, he has no right to be teaching the language. If my language teachers were so incompetent, I would have a personal chat with the Principal, Vice Principal, and probably the school board as well. One doesn’t have to be a schoolteacher to coach an extracurricular club, by the way; so, saying that the Glee kids would be torn apart without him is not a reason for him to stay. I’m taking two languages right now, and my education is not a joke, nor should it be one to anyone deciding to try to learn another language.

Learning another language shouldn’t be about putting oneself through a couple of years of it, so that colleges won’t immediately reject an application, and it shouldn’t be about filling an elective; at least to the teachers themselves, it shouldn’t be. Languages are alive, fluid, and very important. When one learns a new language, that person is able to communicate to a new group of people in ways that were impossible to do so before. Languages are about culture and understanding. They’re about technical skills, circumlocution when necessary, and respect for those who speak it better than you do.

Figgins threatened to fire Will. That means whatever tenure arguments there are are B.S. Figgins has the power to threaten Will Schuester, and he should do it. It’s really ridiculous how we’re expected to root for him because we’re expected to care more about the career or an ignorant, racist, horrible teacher who doesn’t understand the subject he’s teaching than students who are trying to learn a way to communicate with others and further their understanding. But of course, Will is the heroic white, cis male, protagonist, and because he’s been around for a couple seasons, he deserves all the things. He’s a blackmailer, he’s a racist, and he’s a horrible teacher. I have no sympathy for his job position. He should be teaching night school. Or sweeping the floors.

RIB treat marriage as if it’s a joke…


I mean really?! Marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly, and yet RIB do because it creates drama… It’s actually kind of pathetic…

No wonder divorce rates are sky high… 

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It just occurred to me that RM might seriously decide to never acknowledge Dave Karofsky’s existence again.

Sorry, but volunteering is not about obligation or shaming. It is about giving up your time to do some good, but you shouldn’t be shamed if you can’t make it. Not that promises aren’t important, but I mean, am I tired of using some sort of oppressed or “depressing” group to show the characters’ integrity by them going to help that person or group.


RIB… No. Time out for you guys. 


RIB… No. Time out for you guys. 

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The writers have screwed over almost every character on Glee, either intentionally or unintentionally.