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rape tw

still mad about glee

thinking about that rape by deception post and how many people still vehemently deny that puck raped quinn

puck fucking raped quinn. please admit it to yourselves. he pushed more wine coolers on her when she had repercussions about having sex with him. he told her, an inexperienced, conservative-christian-raised young virgin that he had it covered when she asked about protection, and she believed him.




I love how glee is disregarded by all the other fandoms, then you get on FanFiction and it’s just like



It’s because it’s so horrible we have no choice but to rewrite it.

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if we could pinpoint the breaking point for the majority of gleeks what would it be?

Anonymous asked:
Yeah most Gleeks left the fandom so there's not much drama ever

all i see now is basically happy posts from Tammi on my dash. fandom looks pretty okay now

oh and happy/sad/amused samcedians

favorite quinn fabray outfits: season one (asked by anonymous)

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blainofsky - Harry Potter/Hogsmedes AU

From inside Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop, Dave Karofsky found himself lamenting, “Who would ever think I’d be caught dead with a noisy, tiny Gryffindor in a place like this?” 

"What’s worse- the noisy, tiny Gryffindor part or the ‘place like this’ part?" Blaine Anderson teased, snuggling into Dave’s arms.

"Neither," Dave admitted as he kissed the ridiculously cute nose of his silly, tiny boyfriend.

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I just have this feeling that we’re meant to be together. Who’s to say that we’re not?

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amberushgron replied to your post: “I have more information about the Samcedes last night, and I am…”:
It wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. I think it was just the initial shock.

Yeah, last night I just was reading mostly panic and outrage, and actually meta and summaries the next day are relieving.

remember that ep of glee where blaine thought he might be bi after kissing rachel and kurt shut him down with that super biphobic rant

lol & then the writers were like no blaine is super gay we just wanted drama

and how the word bisexual was taboo

and like idk what the new writing is but it’s probably going to be played off as less important because lol blaine doesnt like girls or something

and i think it’s blaine cheating on kurt so if he’s biphobic it’s gonna seem like more justified because they made blaine cheat 

and why and what and glee??

Samcedes+ hugs

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Normally I hate when fans invade the personal lives of the cast, but dear god, I would give up my first born for Jenna  to write a tell-all book about all of the Glee drama, dirt and shenanigans from behind the scenes, which she must ironically title:

WHO WROTE THIS?! TINA?!: A Gleeful Memoir by Jenna Ushkowitz



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chorrd replied to your post: “how much glee do I have to catch up on if I stopped watching after S3?”:
nothing just start back in 5x14 which is honestly the best glee episode ever

mottsapplesaucepayment replied to your post: “how much glee do I have to catch up on if I stopped watching after S3?”:
seriously just skip season 4. Just skip it. Start at the beginning of season 5. Maybe even in the middle of season 5….maybe the 100th episode. That seems like a good place to start, because then you only have four episodes to watch to be caught up.

cariosity replied to your post: “how much glee do I have to catch up on if I stopped watching after S3?”:
Eh, I’d say watch the last four episodes. And you’ll be good. S4 never happened.

Thank you for the good, solid advice, darlings!