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I hear spoilers that Shane is making another appearance? Good. Maybe Sam can apologize to him for what he did. Sam has yet to take any responsibility for his actions in this, and it’s nauseating. 

I want Shane to break up with Mercedes.



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If I Will Always Love You is directed at Sam rather than Shane, then I completely agree.

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Is it bad that I want “IWALY” to be a Shanecedes song? She’s wishing him a wonderful life without her, acknowledging that the way he’s treated her and been there for her will never been forgotten, and she’s wishing him love. I know they’re almost definitely breaking up, and I would love for him to get a sending off song.

You know, given that would prove that, regardless of the general consensus, Mercedes did and still does have feelings for Shane, I’d be very happy with this. Not only would it actually conclude Shane’s storyline appropriately (which is more than can be said for Terri, Carl, Matt, Holly, Sunshine, Jesse, etc.), it’d prove his character isn’t just disposable. It’d also mean that she’s no longer cheating on her boyfriend, and that’s a bonus.

This is why SPLLMverse should be canon. We won’t always like what’s happening exactly in the story, but we’ll agree to execute it in a way that at least can be respected, even if the other would prefer something else.

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Is it bad that I want “IWALY” to be a Shanecedes song? She’s wishing him a wonderful life without her, acknowledging that the way he’s treated her and been there for her will never been forgotten, and she’s wishing him love. I know they’re almost definitely breaking up, and I would love for him to get a sending off song.

Anonymous asked:
how do you feel about samcedes cheating?

It’s wrong. Mercedes shouldn’t have done it. Sam should be backing off right now if he realizes that Mercedes is distressed over what she’s done. It’s only right that he does back off, especially because Mercedes has been telling him to do this. Shane deserves to know that it happened. He deserves to be angry about it. Mercedes needs to stop leading on Shane. If she really wants to be with him, she needs to explain what happened, why it happened, and beg for forgiveness, while letting him know what about their relationship caused her to reach that point.

If Mercedes doesn’t want to be with him, she needs to sever it, and let him go because the longer he’s strung along, the more it will hurt him, and that certainly is not fair. If Mercedes isn’t sure about how she feels, the solution is not to keep dating Shane and then mess around with Sam on the side. She should either make sure Sam respects her boundaries and tell him that he needs to get lost if he won’t do that for her, or she needs to break up with Shane, realizing that she may come to the conclusion that she wants him back, and realizing that he may move on while she’s figuring out her feelings and that she may have let him go. It’s not fair for either of them to be strung along.

Moving on to what it’s doing to the characters themselves:

  • It’s putting Shane in a more positive light for me, actually. Not just because he’s the victim, but also because he’s still friendly towards Sam. He’s a little clingy, but he thinks the world of Mercedes and he wants her to be successful. Do I see the spark between Shane and Mercedes? Admittedly, not so much, but he really does care about her, and it shows that he is a good guy.
  • The remarks he makes about cocoa babies are a bit too much, but Mercedes raises no objections or offense to this, and if it’s her decision whether or not to take that as being racially selective, or insinuating that their children would be better/more beautiful with each other than either of theirs with a person of a different race.
  •  On another note, Shane does deserve someone, someone who will be honest and open with him and give as much love as he does; Mercedes may end up being this person if she apologizes and they work through their problems, but it’s looking unlikely.
  • It’s so saddening what’s happened to Sam. See, when the writers believe they’ve made the audience fall in love with a character, they then believe that they can have that character do awful things, or things that probably in their minds just push boundaries, and it will be acceptable because everyone loves that character.
  • Sam was devastated by what happened with Quinn, and then it happened again (at least he thought) with Santana. Now all of the guys in ND have helped someone cheat or cheated, besides Artie, Kurt, Blaine and Rory (and Rory hasn’t had any reciprocated relationships yet, while Kurt and Blaine have only ever been in a relationship with each other, and Blaine is enabling behavior that makes his boyfriend uncomfortable); that’s just sad. It ruined a deal of his dignity, resorting to being the guy who breaks up a seemingly happy couple, while disregarding the feelings of one of the party.
  • What it’s done to Mercedes is also really awful. However, at least she’s getting called out or it, and by the show itself. It shows that she actually realizes what she did was wrong and that she has remorse for her actions.
  • What she’s done shouldn’t be taken lightly or forgiven easily because cheating is almost always a completely selfish act, discounting the feelings of the current partner. However, I have hope that she will talk to Shane about this. I know that the writers aren’t up on their game this season… at all, but up until now (the cheating), their relationship was being paced well. I hope that the writers will realize what should happen in order for Samcedes to actually proceed with dignity.

Why would she? She’s already dating Shane!

LLM, this is for an RP.


Why would she? She’s already dating Shane!

LLM, this is for an RP.

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i’m sorry but shane is one ugly fatass


mercedes deserves much better.

Sorry, but I really don’t care to see this in the Samcedes tag or the Shane tag. Mercedes can date whomever she pleases, no matter how “ugly” or “fat” he is. There aren’t waistline requirements for her boyfriend, you know.

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❝Creys, I want Sham angst to end with crying and hugging, like Shane saying, “Dude, I don’t like fighting. This is awful. I love my woman, but I don’t want this to turn into some stupid love triangle that your club seems so fond of. Whichever of us she picks she picks. Can I just hug you instead? Do you want to go to a movie or a football game? We can hang in my basement. I have Doritos. I heard you like those. We could have been on the football team together this year. I’m a new student here, so I get what it’s like to move into a new environments. Kids just don’t pick on me because I’m well, built like a bulldozer as my lady likes to say. Did I tell you I cried when I watched Dream Girls? Do you want to watch Dream Girls with me, Sam?❞
- SP (amethystarcher)


Imagine if Sam and Bubba had a brawl

It’d be like the Santana/Lauren fight

But who is who in this equation? Because I root for Lauren, and it seems like Shane would be Lauren in this. Can Sam and Shane hold hands and skip and cry watching Dreamgirls and go to football games together instead?

I actually really want Sam and Shane to be friends.

The Shanecedes and Shane Tinsley tags are filled with hate…

Anonymous asked:
what id RIB for intended for shane to be a douche?

"Mercedes is going to have a new boyfriend who’s a great guy. He’s really supportive." - all summer long from the writers

And even if they did, they intended Jesse to be a douche, and he isn’t. And they didn’t intend Finn to be a douche, and he is. Shane’s only ever acted in what he believed to be Mercedes’ best interest, and he’s only ever tried to be supportive of her. If they demonize him, Imma be pissed.

I’m worried about Shane.

If they make him seem like a douche bag, I’ll be really upset. And if they make Mercedes treat him like dirt, I will also be very upset. I hope that he gets a talented diva who’ll watch Dreamgirls with him and isn’t going through a crisis of feeling underappreciated, so attempting to rectify that (even if it’s unaffectively) is looked upon as douchey, if Shanecedes breaks up. *cough* cue Harmony or even Sunshine*cough*