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sigh I know Shane didn’t get any screen time but he handled Mercedes’ news of cheating in probably the best way he possibly could. He wasn’t bitter about it, and he even WAVED to the Mercedes when he saw her with Sam, the guy she cheated with.  He handled it better than a lot of the main characters who are supposed to be heroes and whatever, so give him an award or something.

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Samcedes is Prom


Fics of Sam imitating Mercedes are now needed please.

I’m really glad that Shane was there and he brought a date. That made me happy.

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Yes. That's what I said this morning. Last week when you said that you wanted Sam to apologize to Shane, I kept thinking, that would be nice but will they bring Tinker back? When I saw that he was returning for the prom episode, that was all I could think about. I need him to apologize. I'm hoping that's what they have him do. However the men on Glee rarely accept responsibility for their wrong doing.

Yeah, I know it’s a lot to hope for considering how disgustingly sexist Glee is, but I can wish, right?

What really bothered me with the Shamcedes love triangle, is Sam was never the one who was targeted. Not once did I ever see him being specifically called out for his reprehensible actions that was actually thoughtful and did not include a similar attack on Mercedes. Mercedes shouldered the majority of fandom blame/hate, where she was the one who apologized. She repeatedly told Sam to stay away from her and to let her run her course with Shane, and he refused. She has no excuses for her actions, but she is moving past them and did everything she could to make things as right as possible after she cheated. Sam did none of this. I still love his character, and I still love Samcedes, but the racism and sexism that is pervasive in this fandom is truly disheartening. 

I hear spoilers that Shane is making another appearance? Good. Maybe Sam can apologize to him for what he did. Sam has yet to take any responsibility for his actions in this, and it’s nauseating. 

I’d still really like for Sam to apologize to Shane. I feel like there are things Sam needs to say to Shane. I’m still not at peace with the whole situation, and this would definitely help.

I want Shane to break up with Mercedes.



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If I Will Always Love You is directed at Sam rather than Shane, then I completely agree.

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It’s ridiculous how much people hate Shane.


He encouraged his girlfriend to believe in herself! What a douche!

Why was this tagged as anti-Samcedes? O.O

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Shane does still exist, right?


If this is Mercedes’ boyfriend

There is talk of Sham angst soon because ~fightin’ over Mercedes~ and stuff

When that’ll be though, Idk.

Creys, I want Sham angst to end with crying and hugging, like Shane saying, “Dude, I don’t like fighting. This is awful. I love my woman, but I don’t want this to turn into some stupid love triangle that your club seems so fond of. Whichever of us she picks she picks. Can I just hug you instead? Do you want to go to a movie or a football game? We can hang in my basement. I have Doritos. I heard you like those. We could have been on the football team together this year. I’m a new student here, so I get what it’s like to move into a new environments. Kids just don’t pick on me because I’m well, built like a bulldozer as my lady likes to say. Did I tell you I cried when I watched Dream Girls? Do you want to watch Dream Girls with me, Sam?

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Shane does still exist, right?

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Imagine if Sam and Bubba had a brawl

It’d be like the Santana/Lauren fight

But who is who in this equation? Because I root for Lauren, and it seems like Shane would be Lauren in this. Can Sam and Shane hold hands and skip and cry watching Dreamgirls and go to football games together instead?

I actually really want Sam and Shane to be friends.

Anonymous asked:
Great, but what is that Shancedes post in the mercedes mafia tag? Who is it about?

There’s Samcedes in the mafia tag too. The Shanecedes and Shane Tinsley tags are overrun with hate for him and their relationship, so I wanted to put some love in. He is a member of the mafia after all, darling.