Hello, you may call me SP. It's a nickname that I use online. This blog houses multiple fandoms. Politics are here as well.
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if you want the url for my personal blog, send me an ask. i don’t really know what’s going to be on it right now, but yeah

Saw one of my old friends who went to college today, and it made me sooooo happy.

I think not being in love is a good thing for me. I don’t know what I’d do if I was.

Okay, I’m really uncomfortable with the whole liking someone’s posts who’s hating on you thing because it is passive aggressive and scary, and you don’t know how to react when it’s happening, and when I see people do it, it never ends well. I’ve seen it happen to people I HATE, and I still feel bad for them.

so i think we just named our new kitten Stacker

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is there a way to temporarily remove my head from my body until it stops hurting

got my chest x-rayed today and kinda hope they find out what’s wrong but also kinda hope they don’t find anything ffffff

i went to that Abbey Vanderlin’s etsy shop and they’re on vacation and i was looking through the past sales and saw the prettiest embrodiered pendant

Hand Embroidered Necklace, pale peach yellow flower necklace, recycled blue silk pendant


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sometimes ppl’s tag just make me so happy and idk how to express this

ur rly cute and thank you for making qt tags thanks everyone

yay new icon

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so much secondhand embarassment rn

this is why I shouldn’t watch TV shows

I can’t deal

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