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rape tw

still mad about glee

thinking about that rape by deception post and how many people still vehemently deny that puck raped quinn

puck fucking raped quinn. please admit it to yourselves. he pushed more wine coolers on her when she had repercussions about having sex with him. he told her, an inexperienced, conservative-christian-raised young virgin that he had it covered when she asked about protection, and she believed him.

favorite quinn fabray outfits: season one (asked by anonymous)

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Quinn Fabray Week ★ Day Three: Favorite quote(s). 

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TW: rape

if someone says they’re not sure or specifically “we shouldn’t be doing this. he’s your best friend” you stop and stop having sex with them or trying to have sex with them. you wait until they are ready and sure and definitely don’t tell them you’ve got everything covered when they’re obviously raised in a conservative background and have no experience with sex or contraceptives and probably believe that you actually know what you’re doing to prevent pregnancy and make sure she’s safe

that is fucking rape, fandom. stop dismissing it.

TW: rape

still upset that Quinn was date raped and taken advantage of by someone who then pressured her to keep the child and let him see it and the show never took her assault seriously


Three average teenage girls suddenly discover that their voices can summon incredible powers. One creates fire, another ice, the third thunder and lightning. Three different types of destruction. Three different ways to save the world from the unimaginable evil that threatens it.

Together they are the Stormbringers, defenders of justice, protectors of the innocent and oppressed, sirens and songbirds, warrior queens. But also, at the end of the day, they are each other’s best friend, greatest ally, truest love, falling asleep hand in hand in hand, giving each other the strength to wake and fight once more.

femmeslash february ~ slapface requested quinn, mercedes and tina as magical girls (who sometimes kiss each other lbr)

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Bitches you’ve both seen her (and Artie) dance just fine, hell, you’ve both danced in wheelchairs yourselves - What is this ableist bullshit

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Feel Again - a Quinn/Artie fanvideo. Made for QuartieonGlee123 on Youtube!


❝Quinn Fabray! I believe in you!❞

GLEE MEME (season 3) ❖ two scenes (1/2)

If you had opened your heart to me…

If you had opened your heart to me…

Should it be Quartcedes or Merquartie?