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Favourite Glee Character Meme   Other Ships [1/2]

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artie abrams week || day 6
↳ favorite friendship(s)

martie/mikartie | quartie | artana

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Artie Abrams Appreciation Week - DAY 2: Favourite ship

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9 favorite moments of Quartie asked by justatwihard

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quinn fabray meme5 friendships 3/5


“I believe in you, Quinn Fabray.”

Quartie fandom, thank you for still making graphics and GIFs from time to time; you make my heart happy.


i believe in you.

They would’ve been so compelling. :(

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I actually want to write a story about Quartie living on a duck farm?

Glee friendship 6: Artie/Quinn

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 favorite duet - season three: I’m still standing

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we should totally have a Quartie shipper secret santa thing for christmas

for like fics/fan art etc

who would do that?

aww this would be fun

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