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Jonathan in Glee by the years!

#shhh we don’t talk about the season 2 hair

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Favorite Glee CharactersJesse St. James
“You guys need to stop being such asses and start being badasses.”

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Jesse St. GPOY

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"It was exhilarating!"


What I am basically getting from this whole scene is, this is the moment his “acting exercise” blew up in Jesse’s face. 

Because he is so totally thinking he’s going to seduce her with this and he’s strutting around like a sexy sonofabitch with that smug little grin on his face. 

But just watch his face when she jumps up to sing with him at 1:25. And his expression in the mirror when she shoves him into the bathroom! It’s like “DAMN, this girl!” 

Everything on his face during this whole scene is him realizing that she’s his equal in ambition and talent, the first person he’s met who can go toe-to-toe with him - and more than that, that he’s having FUN (when do you think the last time V.A. had FUN in rehearsal was?). 

And when he just blurts out “It was EXHILARATING!” that’s so telling, because everything about the way he acts is so smooth and calculated and studied. And when just just lets go and blurts that out - that’s not Jesse St. James the star of Vocal Adrenaline, that’s just Jesse, the guy who’s nuts about her.

Oh and he TRIES to save himself at the end by covering up his desire to kiss her with “rehearsing,” but he’s already absolutely doomed. The way he kisses her, and then pulls back a little, and then goes in for more? shfgurjhfkdg DEAD. 

So are the writers going to excuse the crappy season three lighting due to the severe lack of the incandescence that is Jesse St. James?

favorite glee characters:

“You know me as Jesse, the Star of Vocal Adrenaline, your competition at Regionals. I want to introduce you to Jesse, the guy who’s nuts about you, the guy who would never hurt you.”

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Five Glee Characters | One Performance 
↳ Jesse St. James - Bohemian Rhapsody

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Favorite Jesse St. James Quotes
        ↳S01E21 - Funk

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the pain of being in love with minor characters

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It is amusing how WetPaint falls into the category of accepting only what the writers want you to think. Jesse was portrayed as a villain for egging Rachel, so WetPaint latches onto his villainous ways. Finchel’s supposed to be true love and the core of the show, so WetPaint goes along with it, ignoring the horrible things that Finn has done to Rachel. So, it’s not really okay or less important that Jesse is still seen as having been a Jerk/horrible person/horrible boyfriend for ONE thing he did to Rachel. It’s just amusing how WetPaint blindly follows what RIB+ have constructed to be the “proper” viewpoint. Great job to this media site for blindly worshipping what RIB+ shoves down our throats instead of holding the show responsible.

Boyfriend of the Year 2010

Dear Wetpaint,

While Jesse’s and Rachel’s relationship ended horribly with an egging, he was attentive caring, concerned for, and put his heart on the line for Rachel while they were together. After Rachel said she wasn’t ready for sex, Jesse let the issue lie, and never brought it up again. Jesse believes in her, her dreams, her talent, and has never called her crazy for it. He has never insulted her body or fashion choice. Jesse St. James is someone with whom Rachel can be herself. Someone who never pressured her to change the quirks about her that made Rachel Berry Rachel Berry. He went to Wiggles concerts with her, had no problems with her love of Care Bears.

So, Jesse made a huge mistake, the one great regret of his life, and he has flaws (which is part of what makes him such a great character), but I nominate Jesse St. James as boyfriend of the year, 2010. Who’s with me?