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things better end well for Jaime and Kaldur


teen wolf meme version 2.0  | five crackships (1/5)

“i had the worst crush in the world on you, yeah you, stiles, and you never even noticed”

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the Avatar: The Last Airbender characters make me so happy

I would watch a TV series that was seasons and seasons long detailing up to the point where The Legend of Korra comes

because that’s how much I love them

I love them so much like adkjkljajfkdhgd

they are all so perfect and flawed, and almost every single character I want to know more about, and I want to see more of them

I want to see Haru and Ty Lee maybe fall into a thing

or Mai and Ty Lee’s friendship and how it was affected by the end of the war and the Kyoshi warriors taking Ty Lee in + Mai’s relationship with Zuko

I want to see if while developing a series, it would differ from the comics

I want to see Sokka’s relationships and friendships and training people in swordsmanship

I want to see if Iroh and Aunt Wu ever settle down together or with other people or whatever

I want to see the grown up Gaang with all of their kids, and I want to see Tenzin and Lin as kids and if they fought when they were little and how their dynamic was

I want to see Zuko’s struggle with overcoming his father’s demons and the tension with Aang outlined in the comics come to life in a series

I want to know who Lin’s father was or if Lin was maybe adopted, and if she wasn’t, if the father was a bender or a nonbender. I want to know if the father was a good person and respected Toph. I want to know if he was’t Earth Nation and if Lin is mixed.

I want the idea of the mixing of cultures described in the comics and partly touched upon in The Legend of Korra to be shown with all of the dynamics of trying to spread peace and find the balance between removing Fire Nation effects from their colonies

I want to see if Longshot and Smellerbee ended up together

or if The Boulder ever settled down with someone nice

I want to see Katara and Toph’s so very interesting friendship explored even further because their personalities tend to clash, but they also care so much for each other

I want to see how Toph consolidates with her parents, and IF they ever even do accept her as capable person

I want to see if Toph’s crush on Sokka ever did amount to a relationship and if they broke up why things didn’t work

I want to see how Katara dealt with everyone dying around her

I want to see Hakoda and Katara and Sokka together again and their family dynamic and fluff and issues to work through after Hakota being separated from his children for so long

I want to see if Hakoda lived long enough to see his grandkids and play with them

I want to see Sokka being a dorky and badass uncle and teach Bumi how to use boomerangs

I want to see Paku and Kanna’s relationship and dynamics/why they did get back together after Kanna specifically fled the Northern tribe because she didn’t want to marry Paku

and there’s more

so much more

There’s just so much opportunity, and I would want to see so much more of the universe


Avatar meme: Fight scenes [1/5]

The last Agni Kai

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Movie scenes that shatter my heart » ”Stuff I’m going to do” 
Disney Pixar’s Up (2009)

Thanks for the adventure- Now go have a new one!
Love, Ellie 

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lies, don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know

lies, don’t wanna know, don’t wanna know

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I was a general, but behaved like a soldier, and sacrificed myself.
I am not fit for command, and resign as team leader.

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Blainofsky requests by klaineandjohnlock 

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taangby *knknknk


taangby *knknknk

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I still can’t get over that Jade and Roy had a daughter

I mean

all that flirting

and fighting

and Artemis asking if they were a thing

and they got married

and had a daughter


and she left him and became a villainess again but then came back

idk how to feel about them now

but I like want them to be happy and love each other


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