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Glee, Season 3 Re-Do, How It Should Have Gone Down: Promasaurus

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Becky and Puck are being flawelss rn so

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His name was Jason!

Becky, you can work through hot dogs vs. pizza. Ack.

Oh my gosh. That smile Rory flashed at Becky, and her, “Rory grins too much he looks like an insane person.” I just really love that. This is sad because I like everything in this episode half so far besides the “here’s what you missed.”

Didn’t Becky have a really sweet boyfriend last season at Prom? What happened with that? Creys.

Oh, Becky, honey…


It only says that Becky’s set her sights on Artie

Doesn’t mean Arcky(?) will happen

I mean, it might just be a crush but Artie doesn’t realise

Like okay how about this

What if Becky’s getting picked on, and Artie stands up for her and she sees him as like her ~knight in shining armour~ and so she falls for him but he’s just being a good friend

And then eventually he realises and he tells her that she’s a really good friend of his and she accepts it

And I mean, come on, any Artie screen time is good screen time, right?

Wait, what? Didn’t Becky have a really adorable boyfriend at prom? What happened to him?