Hello, you may call me SP. It's a nickname that I use online. This blog houses multiple fandoms. Politics are here as well.
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Some of the most amazing people in the fandom who happen to be my spouses:

S - A.K.A. coulour-my-world-rainbow A.K.A. Cara

Pall! - A.K.A. berry-unsaintly

Flyby - A.K.A. funny-flyby

LLM  - A.K.A. hallowed-are-the-ori A.K.A. Nathan

We got married at some point, partying aboard the St. Berry, and I’m pretty sure they’re all married to each other as well. Let me tell you, it was ca-razy. I still don’t quite remember everything. We’re all lying low from the law because the government does not condone polyamorous marriages, but we can’t stop our love.