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SP’s list of overrated white men who are somehow sex symbols

Disclaimer: personal opinions yadda yadda, you may have different ones (Quick Top 15, but in no particular order)

  1. Michael Fassbender
  2. Ryan Gosling
  3. Channing Tatum
  4. Bradley Cooper (especially him)
  5. Daniel Craig
  6. Matt Damon
  7. Ryan Reynolds
  8. Robert Downey Jr.
  9. Jeremy Renner
  10. Brad Pitt
  11. Adam Levine
  12. Joe McHale
  13. Prince Harry
  14. Eddie Redmayne
  15. John Cena
  1. fun-it said: praise @ fassbender being on this list
  2. sartielifts said: Levine is the only one of these guys I’d fight you on.
  3. mythornsareofsteel said: Completely agree about Tatum, Fassbender(blerg), Renner and when did Redmayne became attractive?
  4. amethystarcher posted this