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xehatter replied to your post: My mother just fed my sister pork…

I don’t get it when people are that adverse to others being vegan/vegetarian. And that was a really awful thing of your mom to do.

She’s done it with me multiple times before, and my parents have been kind of hostile about it with me. I feel bad for my sister. It’s hard to try to talk to her because I don’t want to make it seem like I’m telling her it’s not that bad because I’ve went through a similar thing; that would be awful to make her feel that way. Anyway my mom started yelling about how she wasn’t raised a vegetarian and neither was my sister, so it’s completely outrageous for her to decide to become a vegetarian. Mom’s always disliked me the most so it must just be really crushing for her to have her favorite baby whom she’s pitted against me in the past to make the same dietary decision I did, even if it was for my sister’s own personal reasons. I realize that being a vegetarian in the “real world” free of parents is a lot different, but when both parents constantly make comments about how incomprehensible it is to them, repeatedly ask, “Oh, you can eat fish, can’t you?” and then slip us meat by “accident,” it’s disheartening. Like, we personally feel like we want to throw up when we eat something by accident, and my mother just doesn’t give a damn. I know it’s hard on her adapting to a diet change with us; I just wish she cared more about how we feel.

  1. theoutlawtamikaflynn said: That favortism and pitting siblings each other sounds like the stuff of fiction, like wow, why do ppl actually do that? It doesn’t help, but sorry your mom knowingly feeds y’all meat. I hope she learns to be more accepting to your diets <3
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