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Sheesh! This is why I roll my eyes whenever someone says it’s impossible for kids to be hateful; they can be and are, because their environment encourages it. SMDH!

People who think it’s impossible for kids to be hateful obviously don’t remember their childhoods very well or ignored all of the peers that were bullied around them or the people that other kids harassed. Kids may not have the wisdom (some) adults do, but they have emotions, including cruelty, and they can hurt and get hurt just as much as an adult can. Also, all the adults wondering what’s going on with our generation and blaming us and my people younger than me; we didn’t create this environment, maybe they didn’t either, but don’t act like we did. We live it and mimic it and make mistakes as we’re still growing ourselves into and out of adolescence, while our environment encourages us all along to be respectful and not to question the way things are 

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