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  • People saying Mako didn’t treat Asami badly
  • People also saying that people are overreacting at Mako being so concerned for Korra that he neglected everyone else and that Bolin’s indifference was just a character trait
  • People assuming that anyone who dislikes Makorra or thinks it’s ridiculous is because they don’t like Korra or don’t think she’s attractive, etc.
  • People then talking about how people only dislike Makorra/Mako because their OTPs aren’t canon
  • People saying that any analysis of how contrived that plot line was and how it severely hurt his character as well as other characters must just be some weird reasoning pulled out of our asses because we don’t like Mako and our OTPs aren’t canon
  • People don’t realize that many of us liked Mako in the beginning and shipped Makorra
  • Sighhhhhhh
  • Something that is a problem, however, is that Asami has made many less mistakes than Korra is generally feminine, has lighter skin, etc. does perhaps get preferential treatment by the fandom because of this.
  • On the same note, just as Asami shouldn’t be called a slut for keeping Makorra apart, Korra should not be called a slut for coming in the way of Masami.
  • Don’t conflate Korra and Mako. While their plots were intertwined and often seemed forced when this happened, Korra still remained generally well-rounded by the end. Mako had been turned into a hero who could do no wrong.
  • Disliking Makorra does not necessarily mean disliking Mako and Korra or even Mako or Korra. Disliking a ship can be and often is because someone does not like how they are together but likes both characters, and just because disliking a ship is an opinion/personal choice, it doesn’t mean that matters of one character treating another badly or plot suffering because of a ship being forced into a plot line are matters that only are brought to attention because we’re butthurt our OTP isn’t canon. 
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