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Amethyst Archer's Tumblr: Apparently RIB+ think Kurt not getting into NYADA was about Rachel...



Apparently RIB+ think Kurt not getting into NYADA was about Rachel who, was his BEST FRIEND (why that’s so hilarious is for a separate post).

What is so rage-inducing about this, even for people who are trying their best to detach from the god-awful writing this show is spewing out, is that…

What the writers chose to do instead of make good things happen to Kurt is absolutely sickening: not only did they continue to make bad things happen to him, but they stopped allowing him to vent, yell, cry, or react in anyway. 

They say it’s to prove how “strong” and “resilient” he is, but that I think we all know that is complete bullshit. The reason they stopped allowing him to react is so they can say to the fans, “Hey look, Kurt’s not upset, so it must not be that bad!” while they continue to put Rachel on a pedestal and make her the only one who matters.

Kurt still yells, vents, and mostly cries. He self-pities for things that are moreso his fault than the writers like to let on, setting him up in a pitiful set of unfortunate circumstance that distracts from how crappily they’ve written his character.

Take the election, Kurt sobbed over how “unfair” it all was because he wasn’t going to win a popularity contest. Now, Kurt not winning and making some commentary that criticizes the school would be fine with me, maybe even crying, but it has to be done right.

Kurt hadn’t done much to help the school. The only reason he was the obvious candidate to win were his only opponents were a jock with whom the viewers have little investment, and Brittany whose intelligence the writers use at a plot device or punchline whenever they can.

There are many things he could have put on his college resume (experience with athletics/dance through not only Glee, but also Cheerios, piano lessons, football experience). He also could have started up that chapter of PFLAG he had previously talked about, yet he focused solely on an election he was unlikely to win and really was only “entitled” to because the other candidates were selected to make it seem that he’d been robbed.

In other instances, like when Blaine assaulted him, they allowed Kurt to become upset but a simple apology made everything okay again, and Kurt was even allowed to take some of the blame. He was turned into a plot device to excuse Blaine’s behavior and for senseless drama on the show.

You’re right that he isn’t allowed to act appropriately to bad situations; however, he does react. The writers have just transformed his character into either a plot device or a unlikable crybaby (usually) in season three when things don’t go his way.

What the writers don’t let him react to at all are things they see as non-issues. Kurt and Rachel’s forced friendship that compromises much of his characterization isn’t a problem for the writers; therefore, no reaction. However, because the writers do not see it as a problem, his reactions aren’t put out.

The issue of the writers silencing him isn’t poignant because the writers are incompetent in this area. The writers shine spotlight onto him for sob-plots intentionally and use him as a plot device and stereotype in season three especially . Kurt not getting into NYADA is another non-issue for the writers as they’d planned it from when they set up that plot.

The writers may realize what they are doing, and they don’t care, but they’re not changing his ability to react; they’re changing him. Kurt reacts, yet it doesn’t seem as heartwrenching or well-done because Kurt is not as round or developed as he once was. To turn Kurt into a plot device and stereotype, they had to sacrifice a lot of who he was.

All this said, Kurt used to be my favorite character, the season two Kurt who was flawed but strong and caring. Season three (and arguably toward the end season two) Kurt is a shadow of what he was, and it’s inaccurate to say that if his reactions or viewpoints had been shown more he would seem like the season one - season two Kurt we’d come to known.

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