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crissonastick replied to your postsometimes my parents are alarmed by some…

ngl, i envy the fact that you can openly discuss politics in front of your parents. Lol, I’m guessing your dad is more of a conservative?

No, my dad is just white and overly privileged/indoctrinated into conservative most notably Reagan era propaganda even while he thinks that he’s free-thinking and even radical for being a conspiracy theorist about veterinary and medical prices when he believes that doctors are the ones overcharging not that a system of privatized health care and corporations set up a ridiculous system of overcharging and even hindering medical treatment so they can profit. At least in most issues he’s ~liberal~, but he’s still a capitalist, poor-shaming (especially if they’re PoC), uncomfortable-with-people-who-aren’t-hetereosexual (even though he believes in gay marriage *//_-*~) cis male who thinks that white settlers should be given more credit for defending “their” land when the American indigenous raided villages and tries to push savage stereotypes on them when I used to try to engage him. I am happy that my parents allow me to think what I want without trying to indoctrinate me themselves (though because of media and society and such, I still had to learn and unlearn much, even as I do now, and as most people must), even if my dad occasionally gets angry and defensive when I bash US policies (or criticize liberal candidates *cough*Obama*cough*).

The irony of it all is my dad was a history major.

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