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Growing up, I felt pressured to dislike people. There was pressure to dislike someone, and if you didn’t you felt left out when talking about things. When I was younger, I bought into the idea that I had to dislike certain groups of girls who were my peers, and I’m sure other ingrained influences that made me dislike other groups people beyond what I remember. As I’m getting older, I realize how much of it was created to hold me back, to hold us back. It’s easier to appreciate people now, to love, to smile, in many ways, though my life is harder in its own ways. My heart’s more open, and I’m less petty. I always felt mature when I was younger, and I realize now that there is so much to learn and grow toward in how I treat others in a way that younger me hadn’t. With my heart less full of misguided dislike, it’s easier for me to be happy than it would be if it wasn’t. I often feel less happy than I used to for a number of reasons, but I know I’d be more miserable if I hadn’t begun to cleanse myself of latching onto disliking people for unimporant, misguided reasons, or even no reason at all. It’s also easier to focus on things that matter; less distractions that only harm others and myself come with trying to let go of petty dislike that’s pressured onto all of us.

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