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Do you at least have a heating pad? If not, you can heat up a damp wash cloth or a water bottle, or just take a lot of warm baths. I also heard eating things with pepper or spices in it helps.

No, I don’t have one. Thanks for the other advice we have some pepper and spices. I always try to take baths if I have time when I’m on my period because it helps some. Sometimes, I just have bad days. When I was in fifth grade, I got my first really awful cramps, and I went into the nurse’s bathroom even though I wasn’t supposed to, and I just sat there for awhile feeling mad about having them at all when most of the girls in my class didn’t have their periods yet, and she called my mom about it, but I went back to class. That was not a good day lol. When I ran cross country, I went months without having it, and it was the best thing. 

  1. theoutlawtamikaflynn said: Omg, cramps at school are the worst! I remember getting some really bad ones in 7th grade and a male teacher told me to suck it up after writing me a note to the nurse; i promptly threatened to kick him in the balls, lol! Is birth control an option?
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