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"Illegal alien" is in the F*ING FEDERAL STATUES you F*ing SOCIALIST PC F*ING MORON.

Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/crime/2012/08/13/illegal-alien-charged-raping-4-year-old#ixzz23TzY9HCU

"PC" and "politically correct" are loaded terms that you should be very cautious using, if ever. People appropriate the phrase in a way that’s more harmful than not having a label for bigoted crap. Explaining why something is dangerous, hurtful, and/or inflammatory is much better than saying, "Hey, that’s not PC!" It becomes harder for someone to dismiss dangerous/inflammatory/hurtful language as unimportant or okay when they are actually told why. Of course, you have no responsibility to explain, and every right to get angry. Especially if you are not part of a disprivileged group, don’t go throwing around the term "PC" if you’re trying to get someone to modify behavior. If that person is actually worth your time, then a phrase that has become completely reactionary is not the best way to help teach, and if you’re not part of a disprivileged group throwing around a reactionary phrase often does more harm than good.

  1. theoutlawtamikaflynn said: Wow, i love how one person did the old “all illegals are raping murderers” bit. This is why I stay away from anything fox news related. Especially if it has a comment section.
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