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Apparently RIB+ think Kurt not getting into NYADA was about Rachel who, was his BEST FRIEND (why that’s so hilarious is for a separate post).

What is so rage-inducing about this, even for people who are trying their best to detach from the god-awful writing this show is spewing out, is that everything is always about Rachel, and here it’s no different.

Remember when the writers had said they weren’t interested in Kurt being this character for whom everything goes wrong? They wanted him to be popular and successful and show as an idealistic situation and provide some positive outlook for the audience.

The writers proceeded to forget this in season two, and ultimately they even took away Kurt’s failure from being about him. Look, Kurt in S3 was almost as bad as Rachel in how he just expected everything to fall at his feet; at least when Rachel loses her dreams, it’s all about her.

As much as the writers tried to transform him into the male Rachel Berry, they could never succeed in that. There is only ever one Rachel Berry on this show, and she sucks the soul, life, happiness, and attention away from everyone around her.

They use excuses about how much her “friends” care for her to divert attention from their unfair and blinded writing, but they also do this while implying that Rachel is the best, and her friends don’t matter. What kind of friend doesn’t care about her “friends”? 

There are times where I’ve loved Rachel, but I can’t like this; not when the writers find her the most interesting, important character at every single turning point, even when it is so blatantly not about her.