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Anonymous asked:
Why don't you like Faberry as a ship? you don't have as much on it as other ships

Quinn quotes:

  1. Getting ready for the tranny prom, Rachel? - to Rachel
  2. Treasure Trail, Stubbles - to Rachel
  3. You’re grossing out my baby. - to Rachel
  4. Rachel did it. - to Will about the Glist
  5. I think you personally just set the feminist movement back fifty years. - to Rachel
  6. What I NEED is to find new ways to torture Rachel. - to Sam
  7. You used to be sort of unlikable but now, I pretty much feel like punching you every single time you open your mouth.  - to Rachel

Rachel quotes:

  1. You can kiss me if you want to - to Finn, while he was dating Quinn
  2. cliche of a blond girlfriend - to Finn about Quinn
  3. some teenage trollop like Quinn - to Jesse
  4. Finn and I have obviously made a connection - to Quinn while Quinn was dating Finn.
  5. You’re such a hypocrite, you little miss perfect Prom Queen. You’re a cheater who cheats at cheap hotels with Sam! - to Quinn
  6. It isn’t over between us. - to Quinn about Finn
  7. Why are you being so mean? - to Quinn when she rightfully told Rachel to stay the hell away from her relationship
  8. A vindictive harpy - to Finn about Quinn
  9. Maybe when you cut off all your hair last year and thought it would solve all your problems, I should have spoken up. Maybe when you dropped out of society this summer and started dating that 40-years-old skateboarder… - to Quinn, while trying to recruit her for Glee Club again

Things Quinn has done to Rachel

  1. Verbal abuse
  2. Drawing pornographic pictures of her
  3. Cyber-bullying
  4. Blaming her for something that could get her suspended
  5. Thought up ways to torture Rachel
  6. Physical assault

Things Rachel has done to Quinn

  1. Pursued Finn while she thought Quinn was pregnant and while Finn told her that they were in a happy relationship
  2. Said she is better than being the “other woman” and still willingly had Finn cheat with her - twice
  3. Called her multiple names and reduced her to stereotypes
  4. Pursued Finn after Quinn and Finn got back together
  5. Encouraged Finn to believe Quinn was cheating on him
  6. Ignored that she was spiraling off the deep end until ND needed new members

I don’t have as much on it as other ships, anon? A bit presumptuous, don’t you think? Rachel and Quinn have fantastic chemistry. They are both intellectual girls. They could have had a lot to learn from each other.

However, they are enemies, and the most I want from them is a truce in which they stay away from each other. What bothers me more about their friendship or relationship than anything else is the lack of regard for each other’s feelings.

Rachel keeps claiming they were friends once? When did this happen? Rachel is trying to look like a martyr helping some lost soul, when in reality she’s treated Quinn like crap.

I’ll be honest, it’s more Rachel than Quinn that keeps me from shipping Faberry in any way, shape or form because Rachel will never admit that how she was undermining Quinn’s relationship, especially in their junior year, is wrong. In fact, it seems like Rachel believes she was entitled to do everything she did to get Finn back. She has a lot to apologize for that she never will. She threw Quinn’s relationship under the bus, had no respect for its privacy, and constantly tried to get Finn to leave her.

Some friendship, huh?

I’ll edit more of this later to explain why I don’t like it because of who they are as people, but I have to go to lunch.

ETA: (sorry this is so late)

I just don’t see them working. I feel like they would nitpick and many of their fights would be extremely trivial. Quinn is more of a realist than Rachel is, but to the point where she sees it as a flaw in Rachel, and that would be a source of problems for them. Quinn and Rachel have very different outlooks on life. While both, at their best, want to be successful, are driven, and want to be happy, Quinn is more satisfied with littler things; the only person she’s ever expected to be, and beaten up for not being, perfect is herself, whereas Rachel is much higher maintenance and has a tendency cry and act unreasonable when the world doesn’t act the way she wants it to, without realizing what she’s done. Quinn would be annoyed by this trait, and as we’ve already seen, Rachel does not react well to the way Quinn tells her, rightfully, what she’s doing is taking her nowhere. If they ever were together, judging from the way they’ve been established to act around each other, I’d predict a messy a breakup after they realize that they spend more time fighting than appreciating one another. 

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