Hello, you may call me SP. It's a nickname that I use online. This blog houses multiple fandoms. Politics are here as well.
More information (fandoms, ships, photography, edits/graphics) can be found by navigating the buttons below my sidebar image.
about this blog

General Information:

This is a multi-fandom, personal-ish blog. Anyone may follow me (unless you exlusively reblog porn or something; I will be creeped out), and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I know what it’s like to make mistakes, and I empathize with people that do, but I may decide to cut off my sympathy for people who refuse to apologize and grow. If you have any questions about my viewpoints, ask me. If you see anything I do wrong, I invite you to tell me.

If you know me by some chance outside the Internet, do not spread my viewpoints or posts on here to anyone. I don’t care if it seems harmless to you. You can cause very real damage to me by doing this because I do not live independently. You have no idea what my personal relationships are like or what your actions may do to them.

Tumblr Savior Material

Above is link detailing some of the most popular tags on my blog that you can savior if you decide to follow me. I try to tag anything I can to make it convenient for my followers and easy to go back through my tags. If you need anything tagged, let me know. 

*I tag GIFs as “GIF warning.” Multiple GIFs are usually tagged as “GIFset.” If the GIFs are flashing/have a very high frame rate, I will tag them as “epilepsy warning” and/or “strobe warning.” 

*I tag possibly triggering or upsetting content with [subject] tw or [subject] cw. If there is anything that is triggering/upsetting you want tagged, just send me a message.

Both background and sidebar images are mine and utilize my photography (trees in the background of the Mulan image are my photography). Please do not use them without my permission.